PHOTO REPORT – Azerbaijan, funny pictures (And cost details…)

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*** My previous blog post with lots of photos about our trip here.***

Between September 12-19, 2016 we spent a week in Azerbaijan. It was on my must-see list for some time, but for a period of time WizzAir has stopped flying to the country’s capital city. Fortunately, a since the beginning of this year they have re-launched the Budapest-Baku route. Initially we wanted to travel to Iran, but because of the failed military coup, we thought it’s safer not to travel through Istanbul.

So, Azerbaijan stepped forward on the list, which also includes Russia, Canada and as many –istan states as possible. In the next 10 years, of course… 🙂

Wizz Air offers 2 flights a week between Budapest and Baku, from Budapest to Baku on Wednesday and Sunday and from Baku to Budapest on Monday and Thursday with fares starting at 48 Euros (one way, including all taxes, non-optional charges). For more information about Wizz Air’s routes or to book, visit

We can mainly travel if there’s no visa requirement or we can get it for free upon arrival. Also, if there’s no low-cost airline flying there, that country is off-limits for our low-cost way of traveling. Moreover, we sleep in tents (see Iceland) or are use CouchSurfing to have free accommodation. Food? We never spare many on this, but we always try to eat local food, where the local people have their meals. This was valid from Morocco to Jordan.

Costs per person:

  1. Return airline ticket: 130 euros
  2. Visa: 62,5 euros (with an Azeri travel agency)
  3. Cluj/Kolozsvár/Klausenburg-Budapest return gasoline cost: 13 euros (we shared our ride on Bla-bla car)
  4. Metro and airport bus tickets in Budapest and other costs: 10 euros
  5. Car rental and gasoline in Azerbaijan (4 days, 1000 kilometers): 42 euros
  6. Food, transportation, entrance fees to museums, accommodation castles and other expenses in Azerbaijan: 80 euros

Grand total: 337,5 euros (Thanks to my foreign sponsors!)


Please click on the first photo:


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  1. marklh

    Klassz!! Nyugodtan tölts fel több fotót a blogodra, vagy küldj nekem emailben (ha lehet, lekicsinyítve), érdekelnek.


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