PHOTO REPORT – White Christmas in Sztána/Stana (A Varjúvár télen…)

Path towards the railway station in Sztána/Stana

Have celebrated together with the members of the Kalotaszegi Turul Nomád Hagyományőrző Egyesület (Sztánai Lovasok – Horsebackriding in Sztána/Stana) and thanks to Zsolt Szabó, I spent three nights at the Szentimrei Villa – Riszeg Vengégház/Panzió.


The beautiful villa with so much Hungarian cultural resonance, the winter scenery in the soul of Kalotaszeg/Țara Călatei made me wonder why do we submerge to the pressure of the society that sticks to the same tradition for the last 2018 years. Why aren’t we able to innovate, to do it differently: simply in the serenity of nature and surrounded by the legendary Károly Kós and his work. Or elsewhere, but not in the shopping malls, not baking and talking the usual small talk.

We supposed to return on Sunday afternoon, but I stayed one more night. Returning to the concrete jungle, the smog, the urban setting was an unsettling thought. After seeing Bibi to the railway station I chatted with Lajcsi and members of his family for hours, drank some beer, returned accompanied by my shadow to the villa, restarted the fire in the stove and had a conversation with my thoughts.

On the train today somebody have me a life lesson: he had a terrible car accident 13 years ago. That’s why he was so eagerly chewing a gum. What’s the connection? He has to reinforce a muscle in his forehead where his scull was sewed together… He stayed 2 months in a coma and it took two years to recover completely. He lives in Suceagu/Szucság.

God gave me days

he said joyfully.

A miracle

he added.

A miracle, indeed. Merry Miracles and Merry Christmas!

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Ha egyetértesz, azért, ha nem, akkor pedig azért... SZÓLJ HOZZÁ!

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