PHOTOS – Palkó and Bence visiting the Cluj/Kolozsvár radio and television station… Mimi showed up, too :-)

Rare photo: me with kids… 🙂 Actually I like only those who listen to their parents and are respectful towards them. First from the left (back row) is István Mihály who invited me to speak about Kosovo and Madeira. First row (from left to right): Bence, Mimi, my goddaughter and Palkó. (Photo by Melinda Égly)

Yesterday friends and acquaintances who saw me with kids on the street were… puzzled, to say the least… 🙂

Actually, it was all very simple: I was invited to Cluj Radio by Mihály István to speak about the New Year’s Eve spent in Kosovo (thanks again for everything, Hysen A. Hundozi!) and the holiday in Madeira (thank you Cristina Nunes for hosting us!) and my best friend’s kids (Palkó and Bence) accompanied me.

My goddaughter, Mimi was also present for the family photo! 🙂

I do hope they enjoyed visiting Radio and TVR Cluj!