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Our stay with Sameh’s family in the village of Essla and Hebron impressed me the most. The Southern Palestinian town was special the moment we met Mo, our CouchSurfing host, a legend.  But we were helped by a local as soon as we got off the bus: Basem Abu Khalf, the man from the beauty shop (he was so handsome, we named him Brad Pitt) helped us find a taxi, called our host.

But let’s see what happened after Hebron as we left Palestine…

Please put on some songs by Dire Straits and click on the first picture!


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Hebron struck a sensible nerve: the situation is close to desperate. Palestinians here spoke about the Israeli occupation and violations more than anywhere else! The lack of water is angering and demoralizing the Palestinian population.

Even though it was the Jewish Passover or Pesach, we managed to enter the heavily defended Jewish neighborhood in Hebron with some extreme surprises.

Please click on the first photo! Take time going through them. Listen to some music…

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Why bullets, stones and water drops?

Bullets because, unfortunately, a lot of them are flying in Palestine and the Gaza Strip. They symbolize aggression, occupation, death, injuries, mourning. Stones because it is a form of resistance, retaliation and civic unrest. Why water drops? Wait until we reach Hebron…

Until then, please click on the first picture for the story to be unfolded.

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