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Cities and mountains: Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd and, of course, the Damavand are on our list. Plus the deserts… 🙂 Love to meet you, Iran!

I’m anxious. Butterflies are all over my stomach – yes, just when one is in love.

We’re debating and planning Iran for years. I haven’t managed to make serious ones because of the money issues – we booked the airline tickets end of March.

Even though I’m in debt due to the North Cyprus ghost town/1st degree secret and forbidden military zone issue (it happened end of April-beginning of May), I somehow managed to put some money together for the trip thanks to my sponsors.

I have the impression that Iran is still a hidden gem that needs/waits to be discovered. Iran and its people need to be heard and seen, they wait to be accepted and more recognized by the world. It’s clear: in many ways we live in parallel worlds.

Lately we watched a few movies and red quite some articles about Iran, we’re all anxious to see it firsthand. Yes, all 17 of us who embark on this journey between September 9 -23, 2017.

I looked for and managed to find CouchSurfing hosts (the experience is much more rewarding this way) and what was striking on the first glance: at least two potential hosts’ favorite movie was… Schindler’s List…

Happy and safe adventure to all!


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