Saber Guardian 2019, here I come!

Rough and tough, down and dirty

I’ve long been in contact with the devoted, conscious and soulful Crișan Dan to be able to participate as a journalist on assignment in a military exercise in Romania or abroad. And here’s the first result: Saber Guardian 2019 in Cincu, Brașov county.

Thanks, Dan!

I’ll never forger my first journalistic assignment: write about an extensive military exercise near Dej. It was back in the spring of 1995 when I was only 19, at the beginning of my journalistic career. The river crossing by military vehicles, the sound of the helicopters will always be engraved in my memory.

Moreover, there are the memories from Fort Hood, Texas: as fellows of the World Press Institute we participated in a large military drill held there. What an experience! And the flight with a Black Hawk American military helicopter in… Albania. Mamma mia! 🙂

Here are a few pictures taken in Fort Hood, Texas in 2003. Click on the first one: