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Undercover photo of the world famous Kalandia checkpoint just outside Ramallah, Palestine (Personal photo)

It was a difficult day: we traveled from Ramallah to the world famous Kalandia refugee camp and Israeli checkpoint… and beyond. Beyond belief. It’s like seeing Yann Tiersen playing on piano, right next to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, more precisely, humanity has long been abandoned. Hope had the same faith. Palestinians are just fed up and bowed to faith. I saw deep sadness of their eyes as we drove from the bus station in Ramallah, the capital city of Palestine to the checkpoint and wall just some kilometers away.

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Jericho was on my list from the beginning of the trip: we spent a day there…

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Why bullets, stones and water drops?

Bullets because, unfortunately, a lot of them are flying in Palestine and the Gaza Strip. They symbolize aggression, occupation, death, injuries, mourning. Stones because it is a form of resistance, retaliation and civic unrest. Why water drops? Wait until we reach Hebron…

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