My friend, Melegdi Sándor from Hungary told me as early as 2007 about Geocaching, but I didn’t have a GPS.  Now I just started (as of March 2013) this hobby thanks to a donation (HTC Desire smartphone) from my friend Égly János (a.k.a. Glytz)

So far (as of September 2016) I found 522 caches in town as well as in the great outdoors. 🙂

Check out

So far:

Participant – Cluj Annual Refresh Event (C.A.R.E. #02), May 2013,

                               GeoQuest5, Targu Mures, August 2013,

                              DeoCaching, Hajdúszobolszó, Hungary, April 2014,

                              Cluj Annual Refresh Event (C.A.R.E. #03), May-June 2014,

                              GeoFest Sibiu, June 2014,

                               DeoCaching, Balatonfüred, Hungary, April 2015,

                                GeoFest Sibiu, June 2015.

                                Cluj Annual Refresh Event (C.A.R.E. #05), 2016

                               Cluj Annual Refresh Event (C.A.R.E. #06), 2017

4 thoughts on “GeoCaching

  1. Erik Lambing

    Jó napot…mondotta hogy lemehetnék egyik nap megkeresni a főtéri geodobozt(Lupa Capitolinat)…még benne van az ,,akcióban,,?
    Ha igen adjon egy telefonszámot…:D


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