PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 8 and 9 – Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Adi’s family…)

Our stay with Sameh’s family in the village of Essla and Hebron impressed me the most. The Southern Palestinian town was special the moment we met Mo, our CouchSurfing host, a legend.  But we were helped by a local as soon as we got off the bus: Basem Abu Khalf, the man from the beauty shop (he was so handsome, we named him Brad Pitt) helped us find a taxi, called our host.

But let’s see what happened after Hebron as we left Palestine…

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PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 7 – Hebron with extremes and with my most impressive picture)

Hebron struck a sensible nerve: the situation is close to desperate. Palestinians here spoke about the Israeli occupation and violations more than anywhere else! The lack of water is angering and demoralizing the Palestinian population.

Even though it was the Jewish Passover or Pesach, we managed to enter the heavily defended Jewish neighborhood in Hebron with some extreme surprises.

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PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 6 – Kalandia checkpoint and refugee camp, Jerusalem and Bethlehem)

Undercover photo of the world famous Kalandia checkpoint just outside Ramallah, Palestine (Personal photo)

It was a difficult day: we traveled from Ramallah to the world famous Kalandia refugee camp and Israeli checkpoint… and beyond. Beyond belief. It’s like seeing Yann Tiersen playing on piano, right next to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, more precisely, humanity has long been abandoned. Hope had the same faith. Palestinians are just fed up and bowed to faith. I saw deep sadness of their eyes as we drove from the bus station in Ramallah, the capital city of Palestine to the checkpoint and wall just some kilometers away.

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PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 5 – Daytrip to Jericho)

Jericho was on my list from the beginning of the trip: we spent a day there…

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PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 3 and 4 – Ramallah and Yasser Arafat)

Why bullets, stones and water drops?

Bullets because, unfortunately, a lot of them are flying in Palestine and the Gaza Strip. They symbolize aggression, occupation, death, injuries, mourning. Stones because it is a form of resistance, retaliation and civic unrest. Why water drops? Wait until we reach Hebron…

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PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 2 – Military fence across one’s farmland)

Construction, fence, military, checkpoint, refugee camp, settlement, occupation, IDF – I think these are the words that were spoken the most during our stay in Palestine (March 27-April 5, 2018).

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PHOTO REPORT – Palestine – Bullets, stones and water drops (Day 1 – Why Palestine? Getting to the West Bank)

Conscription exists for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18. Arab citizens of Israel are not conscripted. We saw many soldiers, everywhere… Of some seen on the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere we thought that they are definitely not 18, but, most probably, they were…

If I recall well, it’s the first time I have to censor myself. I cannot write everything I think and feel about our 10-day visit to Palestine. I have to be cautious. The situation in the Middle East and especially in Israel, Palestine and the Gaza Strip is so tense, that whatever one writes, from least one side, accusations, acid remarks will start flying.  Therefore I’ll be extremely cautious. Please understand. I’ll try to tell more during private discussions.

According to The Times of Israel around 6 thousand construction workers help Israel to build, build, build…

I wanted to visit Palestine for a very long time: I was extremely curious of how people live, what they think, how much they earn, get a glimpse into their daily lives, experience the crossing of the various checkpoints, see the refugee camps, talk with the Jewish settlers and maybe the soldiers. During my visit to Palestine (March 27-April 5, 2018) I the success rate was around 90%…

How did it all start?

I simply needed a breakthrough. It came during my unauthorized access to a Turkish military area in Famagusta/Varosha (ghost town), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (a de facto no man’s land only recognized by Turkey). During the most difficult period of my life (tried by a civilian and then a military court, convicted and expelled) I was helped by… two Palestinians. Thanks to my girlfriend, Bianka, who found him on the platform, Sameh Muhammad hosted me for over a week me through CouchSurfing between the military court hearing. He and his flat mates/friends from countries that are regarded by the international community as failing, failed or terrorist states kept my profession secret from the authorities, even though they could have decided to turn me in and be rewarded in various ways.

The first gates exiting the central railway station in Tel Aviv

Sameh was my breakthrough. He was organizing our trip to Palestine from… South Africa.

We bought the Wizz Air ticket as early as December 2017: we paid 303 lei (65 euros) for it.

The flight was in the early hours of March 27, 2018 – we only slept 3 hours prior to departure. We tried to sleep during captain Del Bufalo Manfredi and his team maneuvered the aircraft through the clouds and rising sunshine.  Bibi wore red tanga for luck. Both our socks had holes in them. For luck, of course. The tactic paid off: no delay, smooth landing and entry to Israel – we were prepared to encounter difficulties, rough and tough, down and dirty, because we were headed to Palestine, our destination. What if they would have found out that we want to visit Qalqilya, Nablus, Jenin and the refugee camp next to it, Ramallah, Jericho, Bethlehem, Hebron and East Jerusalem? Would they allow us in? We put up the stupid tourist face, and I strongly think that because of this only two simple questions were asked: purpose of visit and length of stay.

Halleluiah, we were in!

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FOTÓK – Palesztina – visszavárlak…!

🙂 Találó üzenet Bethlehemből (Saját felvételek)

Itthon minden még annyira, de annyira hangos, éles, intenzív és intenzív. Hasít az itthoni levegő, szag, illat, bűz. Vág. Visszamennék. Pedig alig néhány órája szálltunk le a repülőgépről. S néhány órával azelőtt Izraelben, s valamivel korábban hosszú napokig Palesztinában voltunk. Csakhogy nem lehetett sem előtte, sem közben kiírni. Aki volt, tudja, miért.

Vigyázat, humor! Ramallah városában, Palesztina fővárosának egyik utcáján

Elfogadtam a baráti felkéréseket, szívből jövő üzeneteket írtam mindenkinek. Adonisz baráti felkérését nem fogadtam el. Mintha mást akarna.

Van Palesztin családom. Van együttérzésem, rálátásom, tapasztalatom, élményem. Hatások értek, olyanok, amelyekről nem gondoltam volna, hogy meghatnak. Van könnyem is, amely a Palesztinában érzett vendégszeretet, barátság következtében buggyant ki. Van lelkiismeret furdalásom is, álmom, tervem, elégtételem.

Köszönöm, Palesztina, s elnézést, hogy az út előtt és a kaland közben nem vállalhattalak!


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