PHOTOS, VIDEOS – „Cold and wet for my feet is like very hot Jordanian sand for yours”

Sunny day with clear sky, excellent vantage point with breathtaking view (Left to right, second raw: Wael from Jordan, Konrád from Cluj/Kolozsvár/Klausenburg and Olga from Russia)

Now that I look in retrospect, I should have prepared our CouchSurfing friend more for the winter hike. I somehow didn’t take into consideration or I simply was ignoring that he’s ONLY 20 and has never been on a similar winter hike in his life.

Only when he was a bit grasping for air on the way up from Răchițele / Havasreketye towards to ridge of the Pietrele Albe / Fehér-kövek did I realize that I should have really INSISTED so that he buys a snow stopper at Decathlon before the hike. I knew that it’s going to be rainy, snowy at best. I also knew that we’ll most probable ascend and descend in knee-deep snow almost all the way.

First stop: Cascada Vălul Miresei / Menyasszony fátyla vízesés

I trusted his judgment at first, especially when I saw that he has boots, but no snow stopper. Neither did Olga and Konrád. I was not at all worried because of them, the Russian lady always comes to hike IN A SKIRT, her husband is also a rough and tough hiker.

Wael is the hero of the day! If he comes to our next hike, he enjoyed this one. If he disappears from the scene, then I should expect a phone call from his lawyer or the Jordanian embassy or consulate in Bucharest… 🙂

At the end of the hike Wael tried to make me understand how he feels:

Cold and wet feet for me are like very hot Jordanian sand for yours

I got the idea… 🙂

During the difficult ascent Laurențiu Vezentan and Csaba, the two highly experienced trail runners came down. Man, they are tough!

Let the pictures and the videos talk!